Below is an excerpt from Isabella & Max Rooms A Blog About Design. Janell visited our unit and wrote about it on her design blog thanks Janell!
Penthouse Dreaming
"This year Portland's Street of Dreams moved from the suburban streets to the skies of the Pearl, a hip downtown neighborhood full of rehabbed buildings and new luxury high rises.I typically attend this event with girlfriends, enjoying an evening full of gasps at the overdone opulence of the mega mansions. However, this year I thought it would be fun to have a date with my husband, and dream about what it might be like to live the ultimate urban lifestyle.The penthouse named "An Uncommon Life" was the condo that captured my imagination. Touring the space I encountered several magical moments. What an absolute pleasure to see design with a unique vision. Kimberlee Jaynes, along with design associate Richard Rolfe brought warmth, patina and wit to a cool modern space. The color, texture and old finds mix beautifully with the steel framed view...restful, but with a reminder not to linger too long, the city is waiting below. A pocket office is tucked into the closet space, utilizing every corner of this 2,000 square foot home.The "Longing" sculpture immediately caught my eye. It is surrounded by views out to the terrace and city, icy blue walls, pillow covered chaises alongside a dramatically simple fireplace...I could long for a space such as this! Out on the expansive terrace, unusual outdoor decor...toss in a coin and make a wish. A Buddha in a Bird Cage? Oddly poetic and beautiful sitting in front of the shimmering silver leaf covered wall."