Vicki Archer has written a book about all things French. I have been a follower of her blog French Essence for one year now and have thoroughly enjoyed it! Below are a few words from Vicki.

"I like to think that in France there is a sixth sense a French sense.
There is a certain something about the French and the style in which they live that creates a unique ambiance. Their success lies in their inherent ability to blend all the senses, which makes for a life that is filled with emotion and a life which is forever stimulated. Ambiance permeates every aspect of French life, whether it be in private places or public places.
Thank you for the wonderful comments and emails - I am deeply touched by your generous words and I am so very appreciative of your support. To answer some of your questions, French Essence is available in Australia and New Zealand now and will be sold on Amazon later this year. In the meantime to win a copy of French Essence please leave a comment and subscribe to my blog here. If you are already a subscriber or a follower you will be automatically entered to win. I will draw the winners next week, xv."