Water in the garden is a real luxury. Its not too late to get inspired to make your out door living feel luxurious. Adding a pool my not be in every ones budget, but having a water feature certainly is! I live on a house boat surrounded by water...you would think that would be enough...oh no -on my upper deck I have a fountain...Sunday is my favorite day of the week because I slow down and take time to read a good book (this month The Mistress of the Monarchy ) on my upper deck surrounded by plants and the sound of water trickling in the fountain beside me ...it doesn't get any better than that for me. Its not too late to go to your nearest garden center and get a small fountain for your outdoor terrace, patio or deck. If you decide to add a pool, a landscape architect (I work with Trey Beneville at 7 Dees) can help you create the perfect garden oasis to help you enjoy the sounds of soothing falling water on these lazy summer days.