One of my favorite blogs is called GreenTrends today they are talking about the Girado chair by Marin Ballendat and I wanted to share the article with you with you because I think it is a perfect blend of style and function.

The Girado Chair by Martin Ballendat brings together sensual natural wood and the unique craftsmanship of TEAM 7. As is classic to TEAM 7 products, the backrest is available in 7 different wood types or with leather upholstery. The Girado Chair is available with a star base, as a cantilever or as a swivel chair, allowing for a variety of uses from dining chair, to task chair. The design is simple and timeless which is the essence of Ballendat’s work.

Martin Ballendat is a German born industrial designer whose work has been internationally renowned for more than 20 years. His approach to design is clear and uncomplicated. “Good design must be simple - very simple. But simplicity can only be achieved through an intelligent and creative balance of technical, practical and artistic factors.” Ballendat has designed for many well known companies including Haworth and TEAM 7.

TEAM 7 started as an Austrian furniture manufacturer in 1959 and has since grown into a market leader in eco-design furniture. TEAM 7’s “purity policy” provides for a healthy indoor climate and helps protect the environment through the use of sustainably managed hardwoods, formaldehyde free glues and herb oil finishes. Quality and environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques go hand in hand at TEAM 7’s wood working shop in the foothills of the Alps in Austria, where the value of traditional craftsmanship is still known.