Holiday decorating at Bedford Brown
BB always does such a beautiful job! Henry Brown does a tree like no other! I'm trying to get some inspiration for my own home....

We live on a house boat and each year we have a party when the Christmas ships float an interior designer
(Kimberlee Jaynes Interior Designs Inc.) I feel a responsibility to "decorate" for this party. But the back story is I decorated three floors of a major department store (Nordstrom) for six years and I'm all Christmased out! My mother always says "Retail ruined you for the holidays..."

In '09 the Oregonian asked if they could come out and photograph my holiday decor...oh boy was that pressure! I was also asked if they could shoot one of my client's homes decorated for I immediately called a client and started decorating her house too! The base of my tree ended up on the cover of the H&G section with photos of my client Judy Gilmore's home. I strung boxwood garlands on her stair case and lent Judy my grandfather's elk horn for the dining room table. I surrounded it with pine bows, a bowl of green apples and lots of candles. (Photos below) I wrapped the based of big evergreen Italian cypress in burlap and little white lights to flank the French stone fireplace...decorated everything from within an inch of its life!

I'll try to muster up the designer challenge for this year and create something festive for my guests...stay posted... I'll let you know what I come up with...oh no the pressure is on...again!