Have I got some color stories for you!

With technology being what it is today trends move more quickly than any other time in history. Trends now go global at lighting speed! I attended the Benjamin Moore color forecast yesterday for 2012-2013

Here is the scoop:
Brighter colors, optimistic colors. You will see turquiose ,lime and orange.
A sense of whimsy, a little retro as in 1950's, a younger deomographic would be attracted to this pallette.

Words that discribe this trend are :Ethnic, heritage and world view. American Indian inflences eathtones with accents of deep turquiose. Very lttile color is used in this pallete.

Escapism comprising soft colors, fleshy nude colors. Pastels, yes I said that word! Peach is coming back and so is mauve this pallette looks as if the the colors are from a cosmetics counter.

Photo above from Barbara Barry

Below are forecasts that will help you get an idea of Key Color-Family Trends. These individual color trends are:
Walls and furnishings may see range of feminine reds and 'spot on oranges" all the way to softer vintage pink tones (soft, blush). Some highlighted Ben Colors: Candy Cane Red; Orange.

The 2012 yellows will be golden and sunny, sometimes even in a lacquered shine vs. the previously seen matte finishes. Luminous blonde tones, honey and gold will also emerge. Look for Ben colors like Baby Chick, Hollywood Bold or Metallic Gold at one end of the spectrum and more neutral tones like Subtle, Buttercream Pearl and Turmeric or Bronze Metallic. Metallic being a huge trend for sometime to come.

Lovely green will move to crisper shades, some teal-tinged but also safari and camouflage tones. Ben's forecasters are pointing toward colors like Fresh Scent Green, Pear Green or Winchester Sage to Dark Olive and Harbour Town.

The blue story will be one influenced by water and air in 2012 we're told to look for charcoal and blackened navy hues. Blues that have a green undertone.A few colors to note from the forecasters: Palm Coast Teal, Gold Glory, Serenata and then the deeper tones like Deep Ocean, Mysterious and Gentlemen's Gray.

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