Catch Yellow Fever!
Not the disease silly! The fashion essential for summer. Checking out the haute couture and RTW (that's ready-to-wear for the non-fashion people out there) runways this year, it is blatantly obvious that yellow will be HUGE!

Anyone who is anyone will be wearing yellow this spring and summer so you might wanna have a look-see. One of the greatest things about yellow is that its such a happy and bright color. Just looking at yellow fashions automatically cheers me up. Besides, what could be depressing about the color yellow?

Whats especially popular this year is light yellow and greenish-yellow. The darker and super "Walmart" yellows are done with! (I know, fashion can be so fickle) Lime yellow is also in, if you don't know what that is, you probably wouldn't want to wear it anyway so don't worry about that. Another fantastic thing about yellow is that it is universally flattering! (Which most people don't believe because they pick the wrong yellow!)

Here's a quickie guide to wearing yellow for your skintone:

Pale: Dark yellow, mustard yellow, and very pale yellows. Avoid neon-bright and primary color yellow which will only make you look more pale.

Medium and Olive: Go for opposite ends of the spectrum. You should reach for lemon yellows, bold yellows, and can even go for super bright yellow which will make your skin glow.

Dark: Reach for those golds. Golds will bring out the delicious gold tones. You also have immense luck because you can pretty much wear whatever yellow you'd like, and look fabulous. The only yellow I'd avoid is neon, it may look too jarring since it'll be a sharp contrast to your skintone.

This fashion forecast by Yena Jeon
Now look at the interior design line up! Eveything from toasters to tea pots-- are coming up Yellow!