At Kimberlee Jaynes Interior Designs we know that the things that you don't think matter really do...what does the overhead light look like in your bedroom? The modern crystal light I found at a local store was just the finishing touch for this very special bedroom. Notice the cowhide covered mini stool tucked under the tufted high back chair...its the unexpected that makes a room memorable.

The chest is made of a compilation of old landscape oil paintings. In the living room the rusted European iron gate with concrete garden orbs clustered at it's base is a surprise behind the chaise lounge. The dressing table is wrapped in an vintage embroidered tapestry...this is a very unique piece!

The wooden carved mirrors in the two guest bathrooms adds visual interest to otherwise sterile modern bathrooms.

The turn of the Century peeling over sized painting from a church adds a majestic feel to the mid-century modern buffet and topped with antique Turkish candle sticks.

The stainless steel hanging wall sculpture is appealing in so many many want to solve the puzzle to see what it says ~(LONGING) and it is three dimensional...not just another flat piece of art hung on the wall...the light from the windows change the colors and perceived texture of this piece through out the day.

This penthouse in the Encore was a delight for me to work on and as you can see ...the outcome is a compilation of many details.