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Timeless Design for Inspired Living

Living on the water has it's advantages...I really love not having to do yard work. Container gardeing is sooo easy!

Colored glass floats at the base of these grasses adds another layer of visual interest. Even the iron candle chandelier hanging over the table in the photo below has a plant in it! Chicken and hens cling to a shell to create a carefree centerpiece. (Very little watering is needed.)

I really love grasses for their drama and again very easy care...I like being free from fussy plants. The flamingos were inherited from my Great Uncle Jim. He brought them back from Mexico in the 1040's. They are made of clay and they look like they are about to take a drink from the bubbling fountain. 

It's fun to have some kitch here and there...along with the pink flamigos on the upper deck these mermaids in their topless bathing attire that I picked up in San Miguel Mexico make me smile evey time I see them. 

Adding statuary, mirrors and  over sized candle holders along with big colorful pottery adds to the mystery and ambiance of your outdoor living rooms. Adding personal objects that you collect from your travels can give your spaces individuality and  personality!

I just bought this reclaimed wooden Adirondack chair today at Bamboo Craftsman Company and I love it! The chair is made from Balinese teak fishing boats that capsized during the tsunami. Very industrious of the people to turn tradegdy into industry.

In keeping with a low maintenance garden I have a lot of perennials. I have very little planting to do each spring. These lovely hardy geraniums bloom all summer long!

The starfish are from our Christmas tree, I thought they were fun turning in the breeze on my potted cyprus just outside the front door.

I hung this painting just under the sign pointing the way to the entrance of our floating home.  My mother painted it of me driving our boat. I hope some of these ideas will inspire you to "Do something different" and decorate your outdoor living spaces this summer with a little something extra!