This was my favorite house at the Street of Dreams this year. I know I'm a little late in writing about etc. anyway I loved the casual, reclaimed, unconstructed look of the Da Vinci home.
The " not overly groomed" feel of the home is what appealed to me. You know how designers can over design? A faux plant here a faux plant there and pretty soon any place your eye might need to rest there is an accessory. Kudos to the design team! 
Speaking of accessories Global Views and Arteriors Home has some fun stuff to look at if you are in the mood to freshen your home for the all of the upcoming entertaining...the holidays are just around the corner! ( I saw Halloween costumes and Christmas ornaments in Fred Meyers yesterday! ) There is nothing like some fresh pillows new lamps or other accessories to add new life to a tired interior. (if you need help call me 503 407-9525 or visit my website to see before and after photos of homes that may inspire you!