Tracy Porter Inspired Gatherings

Wouldn't it be fun to have this table for your Thanksgiving Feast? How can you personalize your Thanksgiving Table? Use an heirloom area rug as a table cloth. Do you collect?  Use mis-matched dishes and place settings. Combinations of forks and knives that all coordinate but don't match. Thrift stores have fabulous finds for next to nothing.

When it comes to entertaining think about what your guests will "see" when seated at your every view visually interesting? Borrow things from your office or rooms that get little use ...borrow from Peter to pay Paul to make your dining room dramatic even if its for just one day! 

Sew bundles of burlap to a white table cloth for a rustic ruffle. You can go to Tuesday Morning and purchase a matelasse coverlet for a table cloth. Purchase a bamboo area rug from World Market and stencil your favorite Thanksgiving saying on it to place under your dining table. 


Write with a permanent marker "Give Thanks" on Crate & Barrel white plates. Hearts will be warmed by your personal touches...take a chance and change it up!