Downton Abbey Fever has taken hold in everything from paper dolls to women's clothing to decorating. Turn of the century British Style is hot hot hot!

As Bridget Otto of the Oregonian wrote  paint and wallpaper company Farrow and Ball play a big part in creating the rich luxe interiors.  Recent blog post by Object Lust  gives you the skinny on what's happening on the set. "No detail is left unturned. The most prevalent detail in the character Mary’s bedroom is the wallpaper with it’s vibrant combination of deep red hues and lush blush accents. The set designers felt it emulated her strong and sensual character, one that the viewers are entranced by. This traditional wallpaper designed by Farrow & Ball (BP 915) is an 18th century French damask paper originally produced in 1793 at St Antoine."

The rich opulent wallpapers, fabrics,trims and furnishings beckon you to linger. Its hard to image anyone rushing around in these seems as though time stands still.

 The saturated red used on the sofa in the library is so "Delicious" to barrow a phrase from Martyn Bullard BRAVO TV's Million Dollar Decorator. This red cry's for wonder there is so much of it on Downton Abbey!

Damask wallpaper is making a comeback thanks to Downton Abbey. Visit Farrow and Ball to see all of their beautiful timeless designs.

The St Antoine Papers BP 936

Look at the stark contrast in the downstairs colors...grays ...I think Mr. Carson's expression says it all!