What Is My Message?
Discovering how you want to live and what message you want your home to convey. There are basic questions I ask my clients; these answers aid me in understanding what they want their home to say about themselves. In fact, your answers to these questions may actually surprise you. This is the section that will help you discover a true reflection of your authentic self. If you want serenity and relaxation, think about comfort; use soft fabrics and soothing colors. At other times you may want to be energized. High contrasts of bright colors and bold patterns give energy to a room. You decide if you want your whole house in one mode of style or just a few rooms.
Use the space below to describe what identity you want from your home. This will help you personalize your space, since no two people are alike. You will want to pay attention to the answers to the following questions.
Do I want serenity, relaxation and comfort? ____________________________________________________ 
Do I want to be energized by a colorful home? _________________________________________________ 
Do I want lots of textures and finishes? Some shiny, some dull?____________________________________ 
Would I like a home that impresses others? ____________________________________________________ 
If so, what impresses me? ____________________________________________________________________ 
How do I want to feel when I enter my home? _________________________________________________ 
What fabric patterns do I like? _______________________________________________________________ 
What colors do I want to live with? ___________________________________________________________ 
Do I like touches of whimsy?_________________________________________________________________ 
Am I sophisticated? Subdued? ________________________________________________________________
You get the idea. Ask yourself the questions that will give you the words that will describe who you are and how you want to live.

The Message
My client wanted color and playful energy in the entry of her downtown loft. Before, it was boring and bland. During our discovery interview, I asked my client what message she wanted her house to send. I had the direction I needed to turn blah into bold and beautiful.

 The Red laquer mirror adds glamour and reflection in a dimly lit entry hallway. The animal print and bright solid rug squares create an inviting and playful entry. The metallic gold-backed grass cloth gives much needed w armth and texture opposite the concrete gallery wall. To see lots of before and after transformations visit Kimberlee Jaynes 
Exerpt from my DIY eBook Design it Yourself  A Step-by-Step workbook for interior design