I am always on a "Clearing" journey...I like to clear drawers, closets, my mind...This is the book for you if you need more space in your life. A dear friend of mine sent me the title over the summer. We tend to like the same kinds of books. They generally have a spiritual side. Your Spacious Self is no different...clutter is a symptom of whats going on with a person's interior. And that's what Stephanie (the author) brings up. She has you really thinking about your possessions in a new way. I listened to this book while I cleared out a closet that needed clearing desperately! I'm now on a lifelong clearing and am chipping away at it each day.I have great satisfaction when I open a drawer and its easy to see all items. I'm a neat on the surface messy behind closed doors kind of person. So this will be a retraining of my former messy self...one day at a time!