Kitchen design became one of the things you need to consider, because the kitchen is also an important place in the house. In recent years, the design of the kitchen is also much influenced by the touch of the major countries in the world. One of them of them is Asian countries. The characterization of an Asian style kitchen lies in its fundamental sense of serenity, spiced with a touch of the exotic. Materials with a strong connection to nature, smooth and harmonious lines, and an unexpected surprise or two add up to a space that exudes peace and balance yet whispers of an underlying strength.
For you who have plans to create exotic kitchen island designs, you could give touch of Asian style decorations in your kitchen. Asian style is identical with organic materials. Surfaces with a connection to the earth feel most at home in Asian-style kitchens. Consider woods, subdued stone or even butcher block. More contemporary materials, such as concrete or glass, have a place here as well, but make sure to balance them with natural ones so that the kitchen doesn’t feel cold or harsh. Besides that, in Asian style also use the element from nature. Asian design places a strong emphasis on bringing the outdoors inside through plants and natural motifs. Consider adding touches of glass or acrylic that has bamboo, grasses or leaves embedded within it. You could also line cabinet panels with split bamboo stalks or add potted bamboo plants or wheat grass to infuse the space with a sense of life.

 The others ways to add the touch of Asian style in your kitchen island is give dramatic contrast. Asian kitchens often contain an element of drama, such as the black refrigerator panels against the pale cabinetry of this space. Consider adding an unexpected element to spark the room: a touch of gilt, an unusually shaped island, a statement lighting fixture. You will get the cozy kitchen designs with the Asian style decorations.