Nowadays, have a bathroom in the bedroom has become part of the lifestyle. The bathroom and bedroom are both considered that place need more privacy than the other rooms in the house. So, if you are also interested in making a bathroom in the bedroom, try open plan bathroom design. Stunning open plan bathroom can make decorating your bedroom into a different but still has a nice design. Of course, there are plenty of really good reasons an en suite bathroom might not be right for someone; chief among them is lack of privacy. However, the need for privacy doesn’t necessarily extend to every function that the bathroom serves, and it’s in this space where flexibility and openness can actually be a good thing.

As explain before, that bathroom and bedroom is privacy place. Beyond the water closet, privacy in the bathroom is a matter of personal choice and preference. There are natural correlations between the bedroom and bathroom as intimate spaces. Assuming the functions of the bath are sensibly oriented and you’re up for it, these connections can be welcome in your personal space. If you want give the separate between your bathroom and bedroom, you could place freestanding zone of cabinetry. With freestanding cabinetry can contain the light spillage between spaces, act as a visual screen and double as a storage area. Because it doesn’t touch the ceiling, it feels more open, but its mass and depth make it feel more wall-like.