I believe that being surrounded by an environment that you truly love can nurture your life and soothe your soul.
I have seen design literally change peoples lives...I bet you're saying to yourselves "Oh sure design is life changing...please!" But I have seen it many times. When you have a comfortable, pleasing place to sit and talk to other people, read a book, entertain, pay bills ...you get the idea... you will feel connected with your life. (The opposite is true if you don't have these spaces.)

When you are organized your life has room to grow. When your living environment is orderly and pleasing to your eye, you can rest in that space. And de-cluttering is the first part of the step towards living with the things you love and creating space in which to "see" those things.
Cleaning out the clutter in the hidden spaces is just as important as cleaning the public areas. If you open a drawer and everything pops out like a jack in the box, you will feel unsettled.
I just took a break from organizing my bookcase in the photo above. It had a smattering of cookbooks, sunglasses, pottery, etc. I took everything out and started over. I like the repetition of the Pellegrino bottles ...it soothes me to have some bold statements and to cut down on the clutter.
I have bookcases in other rooms that are real work horses, so this high profile bookcase off my kitchen could become more pleasing to my eye with some editing.
Nurture your life and soothe your soul by getting rid of the clutter.
I encourage you to "edit" and feel the freedom!