The new year is soon upon us and I bet I am like the rest of you...I wonder where all this STUFF came from???

It seems like I shovel it out each year...20 pound garbage bags worth of clothing and other odds and ends make there way to the Good Will. It seems like I still need to purge more!

Design Resolutions
1. De-clutter.
2. Only live with things you love.
3. Motto for the year: Less is more.

Missy Gerber is the owner of Organizers NW her motto is "Less mess. Less stress.Better life." (You will love her!) she sent me these helpful hints on -
Getting Ready for the New Year -Preparation and Prioritization

December is more than half over and the new year is on the horizon. January is GO (Get Organized) Month and at Organizers Northwest we are gearing up for a busy year. You can start planning now and get a fresh start for 2009!

Quick Tips to get you organized in the New Year. Tackle one, two, or all of these items to feel revved up and ready to embrace the months ahead.

Calendar. Now is the time to decide if you are going paper or electronic. Get your special occasions and recurring events added.

Kitchen. Check out your countertops. Horizontal surfaces are notorious for collecting clutter such as seldom used appliances. Keep only appliances that you use regularly on your countertops and relegate all others to a little used cupboard.

Pantry. Now's the time to take stock of your pantry items. Toss expired items and replace if necessary. Donate food you won't use. Check dates on herbs and spices and head to your grocery store's bulk bins to replenish and reuse those containers. Winco, New Seasons, and Whole Foods have a great selection of bulk food items.

Refrigerator. Pull everything out and wipe, wipe, wipe! Vinegar and water make a great natural sanitizer and kill lingering odors. Clean the shelves, drawers, door storage, and any other nooks and crannies. Wipe down bottles and containers as you return them to the fridge. Toss out old food that is expired. Add a new box of baking soda to keep everything smelling fresh and clean.

Utensil Drawer. Take everything out of the drawer then take inventory. Do you really need 2 banana slicers, or even one for that matter? Donate duplicate and unused items to charity. Don't forget to wipe out the drawer before putting everything back.

Oregon NAPO Vendor Expo
Want some free advice to help tackle a New Year organizing project? Bring your project pictures and measurements to the Multnomah Athletic Club Jan. 31st from 10am to 1pm. Local organizers will be available with suggestions that will help get you started. There will also be experts to answer questions about senior housing, document shredding, junk hauling, small business accounting, and more! Don't miss this opportunity.

Missy even has a podcast: Organizing with Missy
In her new show, Missy offers sound advice on keeping your life organized by reducing the mess and the stress. This new bi-weekly podcast delivers quick tips and tricks that you can start implementing now.

Check her out on the web at

Missy Gerber Organizers Northwest503-245-3564