I had sooo much fun today, decorating one of my client's homes for the holidays!

My client loves everything French . I am a big fan of this casual chic Euro look too. I took my own advice and made sure that the decorations did not detract from the home's existing colors of cream, milk and chalk.

Boxwood garlands abound on stairways, wrapped around the Christmas tree, draped over the entry hall hutch, tucked into silver bowls and white milk pitchers. I used a theme (natural and green ) and just added to it in every nook.

I uncovered a very large elk horn in my mother's basement last week. I thought it would be the perfect touch on the dining room table ...so it's now on loan for the holidays. I draped her antique pine table in a heavy white quilt. Nestled among the horn is a slightly tarnished sterling silver bowl filled with green apples, it's a family treasure. Fir and cedar bows are tucked underneath. (See photos below.)

The entry hall begged for a grand gesture, so I pulled in a cement urn from outside dusted off the snow and filled it sky high with greens and berry covered branches. I made a "collar" out of leftover boxwood garland.

The fireplace is so beautiful I didn't want to draw your eye away from it ...so I banked two cypress trees on either side. Instead of pots I wanted a softer look so I wrapped their bases in cream colored broad cloth .

The accessories that I had put together before Christmas for the mantle, worked perfectly so I left them up.

We bought VERY little to decorate this home...I used family treasures and a few borrowed items to complete this nature inspired French country Christmas.

Hope you have fun decorating your home for the Holidays!