The photo at left is my work.
The best part of my job is the end result...seeing my client's reactions to their home. I truly believe that our surroundings impact our lives. Our surroundings ground us. Our surroundings can make us happy. Our surroundings can give us a place to relate well with others. Some ten thousand years ago cavemen drew pictures inside their cave dwellings. Since the beginning of time, decoration of our homes has been important to people.
I hear people say, “If I could only get my house decorated the way I want, I would be so much happier, and I would feel complete.” There is a lot of truth to that statement. Coco Channel said “Our homes are reflections of our hearts.”
There is no greater satisfaction than seeing families sit down together for a meal in a dining room they previously never used or hearing that a couple now sits by the fire each night with a glass of wine discussing activities of the day, where there once was no comfortable place in which to settle. I feel called to be an interior designer because I know that it changes the way people live and adds quality to their lives. It is not just a pretty room ...a home is where life happens.