Figuring out how to dress your windows can leave you scratching your head. Dress your windows after you have put together your inspiration board. The best style and material to use will become very evident once the design of your home furnishings choices is complete. When surveying your windows, consider where the most sunlight comes into your rooms. Do you need to protect your upholstered goods, dining room table, area rug or wood flooring? Then you will want a window covering that will give protection from damaging UV rays. Use the architecture of your home as a springboard for your drapery designs. There is nothing worse than seeing cold white metal mini blinds in the living room of a lovely old Tudor style home.
Designer Secret: There is so much to know about hanging draperies and other window coverings; this is one area I trust to professionals. Don’t assume that buying curtain panels off the rack will be less expensive than having them made by a window-covering specialist. So much can go wrong, from taking the correct measurements to sturdy installation. If you can afford to hire a professional, you will be glad you did.
Julie from Pro Tint gives another option for your windows:
"First, whether commercial or residential, your clients invest considerable sums in their interior finishes. Sunlight naturally fades everything (including us – think wrinkles and skin spots). Window films offer incredible fade protection that keep valuable interior upholstery, antique rugs, silks, and art from fading."

Second, think efficiency and "green"! Window films block heat from penetrating the interior environment (the percentage varies by film type). This reduces heating bills, saves energy, and maintains human comfort inside." Julie's premiere product line, Huper Optiks, provides up to 4 energy usage credits (more credits can be earned) for those attaining LEED status for their project.
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