Everything old is new again...I went to a fabulous Barn sale on Sat. given by Tarte. Cindy displayed her wares in ways that made you want to buy everything, even if it wasn't your "look." There has been a movement for sometime by the younger adults to move towards the past ...it is part of the DIY groundswell. All the knitters and quilters and crafts people that have turned back time. I was into it in the 70's and loved all things antique...then I moved away from antiques into comfortable modern.
However I try to introduce antiquity into the mix with my interior design clients and some of my suggestions are met with success. I used three old mud crusted urns wrapped with rope and paired with a very modern light fixture 10 years ago in a west hills modern home and it's still relevant today. http://www.kimberleejaynes.com/flamm-photo3-big.asp In this same home I used a beat up Chinese chest to house their audio equipment and it adds just the right balance to a very modern room. http://www.kimberleejaynes.com/flamm-photo4-big.asp
My feeling is that every home needs some patina. I have some old wooden boat floats from my grandmother that she got in the 40's resting on my fireplace mantle, that I just could not live without.
The king of all things old is my fellow designer Rolfe! He has a home filled with collections of old measuring devices and architectural columns,books and much more. Our penthouse creation for the Urban Street of Dreams is filled with that mix of crisp modernity and burnished antiquity a timeless combination...Opening August 1st! http://www.streetofdreamspdx.com/
The images about are from :http://www.heatherbullard.com/