I fell in love with the doors while on vacation! the craftsmanship and attention to detail reminded me of Europe. Behind these doors are hidden oasis of paradise. From the outside, homes look very unassuming. But open these doors and another world is on the other side. I had the great pleasure of spending nine days in this lovely, charming, colorful, tile laden home in San Miguel de Allende. My Friends Cheryl and Dave Leland bought it six years ago and have made many improvements while keeping the traditional Mexican style.
The entry is part inside part outside and filled with lush green plants. The kitchen is compact yet well equiped, we cooked 20 meals out of the possiable 27 meals I ate in the nine days I visited. The living and dining rooms are painted in a deep rich orangy red that glows at night. The outdoor tiled patio with fountain is in the middle of the house and was one of my favortie spots to land. We spent many evenings playing card games in this tropical paradise. Cheryl is a wizard at positioning just the right combination of pots, plants and decorative elements. The roof top was where we ate our breakfasts and sun bathed each day. The view was magnificent especially at night watching the sun go down. Pure joy!
I hope this cheerful and artistic home inspires you to add some color and new plantings to your hacienda!