Mother has poured her life into reading, painting and above all gardening! She is 86 this July and is still crawling around on her hands and knees gardening. And as you view the photos below you will see why she is inspired to be out in her garden.

This is the home I grew up in. My father built this modern classic home in 1955 a very good year (the year I was born) it still has the George Jetson stainless steel built-in appliances, hardwood floors and brick fireplace in living and family rooms....very ahead of its time! The BIG surprise is when you open the gate to the back yard and enter a world that Jeanne Graham has lovingly created over the past 50 years.

The Japanese inspired garden has winding paths, a covered garden bench (she had a carpenter copy the one that is in the Portland Japanese gardens) bamboo and hosta surrounds a pond complete with blue heron fishing for his dinner. Enjoy the photos as you get lost in the enchantment....

Mother decided one year to add a "garden room" we have had a lot of tea in her charming outdoor room.

Every where you glance mother has whimsical surprises like this "chime tower" some sing high some sing low, they all seem to sing together!

When you stroll towards the herb garden a Japanese lady in her kimono "lights" the way with her lantern as she stands under an enchanting twig arbor. (Mother drew and painted the lady herself!)

She was working on her hands and knees on what was my grandfather's chicken coop yard. It was covered in blackberries as she said " I am going to make an herb garden." I chuckeled as I walked away thinking she will never get all that done. I live to eat my words...the herb garden is another world unto itself! A wooden path draws you into a fantasy of contained abundance! Every herb imaginable is bursting forth with its fragrance and flower.

My mother is a true inspiration of artistic ambition! She has created all of this on her own and this year, friends from the Hardy Plant Society NE Study Group graciously helped get my mothers garden ready for its debut a couple of weekends ago. A special thanks to Margo Peifer for her unwavering help! Thank you all for helping one of your dedicated gardeners!
Even on a rainy day mothers garden is a site to behold.