I was recently interviewed for an online magazine called "Locale" they interviewed me on what makes a good bedroom. Questons and answers below...

How would you describe your sense of style?
Less is more, simplicity, sophistication and comfort are my trade marks. My style is where art meets function - I hear my clients say Kim's designs are a delightful blend of "Why didn't I think of that?" and "This is the way my home was meant to feel."

Where do you get your inspiration from?
I love to travel and see with "new eyes" other cultures. I explore the architecture, art work, history and food of other countries. All of these components give me inspiration.

What are you proud to showcase from your past projects?
Last year i participated in the first in the nation "Urban Street of Dreams" I designed a penthouse that was very well received. Designing the penthouse was a wonderful experience that has brought me a lot of work and exposure that I am very grateful to have gotten.

In your opinion, what defines a perfectly executed, well put together space?
There must be rhythm, balance, proportion and the proper scale to create a pleasing space. These are basic design principals that are in play in a painting as well as a room.

What are the first steps in transforming a bedroom space?
I start with a "client discovery interview" I find out the likes and dislikes of my client before I start so that this very personal of spaces is truly a reflection of my client. I take photographs and measure the space. I then create a floor plan. From the client interview I determine if the client wants a calm and soothing room or one that is playful and artistic.

How do you maintain a timelessness in a room that still remains elegant and stylish after many years?
I stay away from the trends. I let the architecture of the home, the play of natural light and the client interview determine the direction of the space. When the room fits the architecture of the home then it is a seamless fit that will never go out of style.

What are some of the guidelines that every homeowner should follow when updating their home?
Only upgrade surfaces and finishes to the value of your home. If your neighborhood home values are at $35k it would not make sense to put in a Viking stove, Subzero refrigerator and slab countertops. You would be over the value of what the home would bring if sold. You can update with great lower cost surfaces. You could use travertine tile on the backsplash and a formica that looks exactly like travertine on the countertops, saving thousands of dollars but still getting the high- end look!

How do you handle the issue of space? Is it easier to redecorate a larger room or smaller room?
All of the same design principles i mentioned above apply whether I am decorating a small room or a large room.

Rather than remodeling an entire bedroom, what are some more simple steps one could take to update the look and feel of a bedroom on a budget?
Paint will always give you the biggest bang for your decor dollar. Then I would change the draperies. There are lots of great patterns and fabrics through online catalogues at rock bottom prices that can give your bedroom a lift and soften the space. New end tables and vintage lamps are also some easy quick fixes for a tired bedroom.

What are key features that make for a perfect bedroom, whether it's the master, spare or child's room?
I think a good nightstand and reading light are a must along with a vanity in an adult bedroom and a writing desk in a child's room. Black out draperies that block out the sun so that you can sleep are important in any bedroom. A water pitcher and glass for those middle of the nice thirsty moments and a sense of calm and order are a must. No computers in the bedroom!

Is there a particular bedroom project you’ve had in the past that stands out the most in your mind?
I would have to say the Urban Street of Dreams bedroom photo pictured above. It won the professional choice award for best master suite.