Images: Kimberlee Jaynes Interior Designs Inc.
This corner of the bedroom needed softening...the tall feathery plant is perfect!

Plants add texture and another layer of interest to your rooms design.

There is no substitute for live plants. Not only do plants fill your home with oxygen, live plants give an authentic feeling to a room. Keep in mind the whole room and what it might need to balance it out.Finding the right plant for the light level of your room is the key to keeping your plants alive, along with not over-watering. I buy a water meter for each of my clients so they can measure the moisture level of their plants before they water.
When choosing a plant, take into consideration the style of your home and the style discovery words. Ask yourself if the plant will fit your words and the architecture of your home. If your style discovery words are soft, round and romantic and you live in an old Victorian, potted palms and lacy asparagus and Boston ferns will be in keeping with you and your home.
The use of live plants in your home will communicate genuine warmth and friendliness and will soften any rough edges you may have. Even if you have to replace a plant from time to time, the enjoyment you will get from plants is worth the money spent.

Designer Secret: If you have a spot that needs foliage, but light levels are too low to sustain a live plant, then go ahead and use a high-quality faux plant. If I have to use faux in one spot, that doesn’t keep me from using real plants in other spots. Often you can fool the eye into thinking the faux plants are all real.